Ramases & Selket, Mind’s Eye


This is one wicked strange track from Ramases & Selket out of Sheffield, England. Ramases was born in the late 30’s as Martin Raphael (also sometimes known as Barrington Frost). One day while sitting in his car he was visited by the Egyptian god Ramases, who apparently told him that he was the re-incarnation of Ramases himself and he was here to spread the gospel of truth. Serious as a heart attack. Old boy got out of the car and decided eastern/sitar/psych grooves were the way to go. He got himself a wife, named her Selket and hit the studio.

dwnld: Ramases & Slket, Mind’s Eye from the Crazy One 45 on CBS


3 thoughts on “Ramases & Selket, Mind’s Eye

  1. 1. Barrington Frost and Martin Raphael are two different people.
    2. Ramases (or Ramses) was a king of Egypt not a god.
    3. Barrington/Ramases and Dorothy/Selket were married before he had his revelation.

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