Bob Seger System, 2 + 2 = ?

2 + 2 = Seger Punk. This is a little known, but much loved Seger track from the album Ramblin’ Gamblin Man. Seger and The System at the time were masters of the sludge-groove footstomper coupled with the ocassional tender Lovesque folk jam, yet on 2 + 2 they seem to know something about dirty ass bar-punk riffs as well. This is without a doubt Seger at his most punk.

DWNLD: Bob Seger, 2 + 2 =?


6 thoughts on “Bob Seger System, 2 + 2 = ?

  1. it’s true – a lot of people (me when i was 17 included) think they know seger, but i really don’t think you “get it” ’til you hear this and some of the early stuff (eastside story, other last heard stuff).

  2. “2+2” was a protest song, as was “Looking back”,
    both are good songs, but Seger’s best garage rock
    songs were “East Side Story” and “Heavy Music”

  3. yeah his records are good but this picture blows me away! What confirmation that this is really the Seger System (I dont know their faces too well).

    Are there more?!

  4. During Viet Nam if you went to college you were draft deferred. Hence “2=2 is on my mind” I wasn’t old enough then but a guy I hung with took classes at OCC . He never went anywhere with it, but didn’t end up in Nam either.

  5. Okay, I am old enough that the Seger System (not Seger and The System) played at my high school Friday night dances, not even special occassions. I also hung with them for a short time and do not recognize anyone in this picture but then the drummer is the only one who really shows any part of his face. I am so glad that the early works are getting attention again because he was (all through his carreer but incredibly so back then and so fresh & different) and a fabulous muscian and song-writer.

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