Lords Of Chaos / Coven / Black Widow

I recently picked up a copy of Lords Of Chaos, The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground and like all those who recommended it to me, my mind is melting. I just wish I had a part in it all, at least the spikes and hammers and fake blood-demon-riffage part. Maybe raise a demon or two. I conjure thee! I conjure thee! I conjure thee! I conjure thee! Appear! … Listen to the Black Widow track provided below and you’ll be singing that all fucking day.

So anyway, Lords Of Chaos is not only well written but a rare study of this wicked genre of music, and it’s well worth reading even if you don’t like Satan-which would make you a pussy. The book starts with a lot of focus on the bands that gave bloody-demon-birth to the genre we know as Black Metal. It was there that I saw two of my favorite fake Satanic bands cited! Coven and Black Widow. I’m not going to go into all the history as you should really get the book, but let me just say that Coven and Black Widow were smoking Satan weed long before the dudes in Venom got their spikes. All Hail Satan! Get them below. In Hell.

DWNLD: Coven, Choke, Thirst, Die from the LP Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls

DWNLD: Black Widow, In Ancient Days from the LP Sacrifice <—- Wicked Fucking Satan Jam


4 thoughts on “Lords Of Chaos / Coven / Black Widow

  1. Dude, that book owns. Author kind of fanboy’s out more than I’d like, but what that really means is that it’s like he’s pulling bongs on the couch right next to you.


  2. The book is entertaining, though it’s a couple of years since I read it. But as I can recall there’s some real errors when it comes to facts. And then it’s a bit too concentrated on Varg Vikernes, but as I said all in all it’s an entertaining book to read for.

  3. That was wonderful to read.

    I work a bit for Black Widow and the band is back with a live’70 DVD called “Demons Of The Night Gather To See Black Widow – Live”. You can check that film from http://www.mysticrecords.co.uk !

    Black Widow is also returning with NEW songs…the fans are going crazy!

    Jinx from Coven recently had a heart attack but she is recovering now and we are very glad to know she is rather well now.

  4. Hi

    this is Clive Jones from “Black Widow” thanks for the comments ive never seen the book i will have to try to get a copy i have been sent the double CD a few years ago

    pasi put me in touch so he has told you we are returning with at least a new album going back to the black magic

    Clive Jones / Black Widow / Agony Bag / writer “Come to the sabbat”

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