Mustache In Your Face – Vol. 1

Track List:
Uela Uela – Charly Antolini’s Power Dozen
Radioscopia – Jean-Pierre Massiera and Bernard Torelli
King Of Mars – Neil Merryweather
Trippin’ Like A Dog And Rockin’ Like A Bitch – Creepy John Thomas
Take You Home – Juan De La Cruz Band
Morning – Afterglow
Psych-Out – Movie Promo Spot
When I Was A Young Man – P.G. Six
Junkman’s Song – Stark Reality
Todos Rien De Mi – Agamenon
Purple Personality – Andrew
Electric Prunes – Vox Wah Wah Spot
Sitting On The Side Of The Ocean – Ernan Roch
Hole In His Hand – Jesse Harper
Agentss – Agentss
You’re My Girl – The Everly Brothers
Yesterday’s World – Circulatory System
Dr. Who – BBC Radiophonic Workshop
In Ancient Days – Black Widow
The Last Time – Bob Azzam & His Orchestra
Wonder Woman – TV Theme Song


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